Personal Financial, Retirement & Estate Planning

Personal Financial Planning

Personal financial planning is a necessary step to help individuals and particularly small business owners set realistic financial goals and objectives and develop strategies to reach those objectives.

At Next Plateau, we obtain the best advice from our team of advisors and provide you with the additional comprehensive expertise in business, tax and estate planning, financial forecasting and investment analysis that you require.

We collaborate with attorneys, bankers, and insurance and investment professionals in order to provide the best overall advice. Our financial planning team can assist in retirement planning, education funding, insurance options, investment manager monitoring, cash flow management and budgeting. We can also work with attorneys in structuring documents that reflect client estate planning objectives.

By using Next Plateau to oversee the entire process, you can be certain that the advice received is objective and that the plan meets the long term goals of your overall exit plan.

Retirement Planning

One of the most common reasons for personal financial planning is to establish a solid financial base so that individuals can retire and still maintain their lifestyle. Effective retirement planning requires forecasting your planned retirement lifestyle to include your anticipated savings and income. We can help you consider all of your retirement needs and assist you with developing long-term financial plans for achieving your retirement goals.

As part of our overall retirement planning process, we work with insurance and legal professionals to protect the assets available for retirement through acquisition of long term care and other insurance as necessary. We may also recommend the implementation of trust agreements to protect assets from creditors, as well as other more complex strategies, if warranted.

Estate Planning

It is important for advisors to understand the entire financial and family situation and incorporate these into your estate plan to ensure maximum benefits. At Next Plateau, we partner with your legal and financial advisors to ensure that the overall estate plan best fits your needs.

Our professionals are fully versed in the use of sophisticated strategies, which include family limited partnerships, generation skipping transfers, charitable giving strategies, and various trust arrangements.

Our goal is to remain actively involved in the overall financial lives of our clients after the initial plan is developed to ensure we have the best design and implementation in place. We often find that poor administration causes many problems that could be easily avoided with proper oversight.